9 Ideas for Table of Contents Inspiration

The table of contents can be a great opportunity for creativity in any publication! Although these might not all be strictly tables of contents, they do all provide great inspiration for your next upcoming project:

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UX: What is it and how does it affect you?

Although you might not be aware of it, designers are hard at work every day ensuring that your experiences using programs, services, and devices are as clean and simple as possible. They are taking care of all the little things, ensuring that you have what you need when you need it. They go the extra mile to take care of all the details of your digital experience. These people are called user experience designers, or UX designers for short. Here is a little bit about what they do:

Infographic from: http://theultralinx.com/2013/07/user-experience-ux-infographic.html

Here are some examples of great UX design, some of which you may even recognize from your own life!



So now you might be wondering about how all this great stuff comes about? Here is some background on the UX design process:

Infographic from: http://centerline.net/blog/user-experience-design-process-infographic/

All about logos and branding

Branding can be a large and complex task as it requires a designer to create a cohesive identity that can exist across a whole variety of platforms and mediums. A products branding, along with it’s logo, can act as the face of the company, product, or service and be the first thing that users interact with making it one of the most important aspects of a brand. Here are 5 articles full of logo and branding inspiration to get you wheels turning and thinking about all things logos and branding.

1. 30 Clever Negative Space Logos: http://theultralinx.com/2013/09/clever-negative-space-logos.html
2. 25 Creative Branding and Identity Design Examples: http://webneel.com/25-creative-and-awesome-branding-and-identity-design-examples
3. 25 Outstanding Logo Designs: http://www.fromupnorth.com/logo-inspiration-1068/
4. 50 Creative Branding and Identity Design Examples for your Inspiration: http://webneel.com/creative-branding-design-inspiration
5. 40 Awesome Logo Design Inspirations: http://www.downgraf.com/inspiration/40-awesome-logo-design-inspiration/

5 boards for information designers to follow

There is a plethora of great resources available on Pinterest, so many that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start looking! To help you get started, here are 5 Pinterest boards for information designers to follow:

1. User Experience Design by Igna Klas: https://www.pinterest.com/ingaklas/user-experience-design/
2. Typography by From up North: https://www.pinterest.com/fromupnorth/typography/
3. graphic design by Design Quixotic: https://www.pinterest.com/designquixotic/graphic-design/
4. Infographics by Mashable: https://www.pinterest.com/mashable/infographics/
5. Information Design by Anna Hodgson: https://www.pinterest.com/hodgsonac/information-design/

5 Infographics to Inspire You!

Creating an infographic can be quite the daunting task to so here are five infographics to help inspire your next project!

Infographic from: http://www.bestinfographics.co/

Infographic from: http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design-tips/information-graphics-1232836

Infographic from: https://www.wholesomeone.com/image/naturally-cleanse-body

Infographic from: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-infographics-of-2014